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    Card Won't Eject

    oz_photo Level 1

      I have a brand new system Win 10 with LR 6.5 with the latest BIOS and drivers. I have an internal CF/SD slots. When I insert a card to import the images I always make sure that I select the "eject after import" option.


      However after importing the card does not eject when I look at it under the OS so when I go to insert another card I cannot import these images as the system still thinks there a card still in there?


      Now when I use the OS to mount and eject memory cards I can do this all day with no issue.


      So it appears the issue is with LR 6.5 and not ejecting the card properly, so for now I leave this option unchecked and manually eject my cards through the OS.


      Is this a known issue and a fix?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          This is a problem with the OS and the card slot. Some times with internally mounted card readers Windows will see it as a connected drive, the internal slot shows up in File Explorer as a drive letter even if there is no card inserted.


          I'm using LR CC 2015.5, same as LR 6.5 only the subscription version, and have no problem having the card ejected automatically after import has finished with a Add-On card reader connected by USB port.


          Check File Explorer to see if those 2 slots show up with drive letters. You will need to enable the option to Show All Drives in the Folder Options. By default that option is unchecked and only shows drives that have data on them or a CD/DVD drive with a disc inserted. With that option checked all connected drives show even with no memory card or CD/DVD disc inserted.

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            oz_photo Level 1

            Interesting, with no CF card inserted there is no drive letter shown in file explorer despite that option being enabled in the folder options menu. Only when a card is inserted do you get a drive letter.