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    Tethering to an iPad Pro? Raw files mobile?

    BlueCosmo5050 Level 1

           Hello, I am using a Canon 6D with wifi, I shoot RAW and it lets me tether to my iPad Pro and get a full JPEG preview, which is good enough for previewing. However, is there anyway to tether into Lightroom Mobile? I know that it can be done if a regular computer is involved but I am speaking of being in the field without a computer.


           My second question: I can save my RAW files onto my iPad via my camera connect cable. But when I do that, it doesn't tell me where it is, if I open up the gallery, I only see the .jpeg preview. How do I know if I import it into Lightroom Mobile to edit that I am editing the raw file and not the .jpeg preview? Even though I am not shooting Raw+Jpeg, it still generates a fairly large JPEG preview that is really hard to tell the difference by looking at it.