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    I modified a project file (.prel) and saved it last night. When I went to open it Adobe Premiere Elements indicates it is not compatible with the version of Premiere Elements I am using. The same one I saved it in.


      I had created a project with several clips.  Last night I added a title, deleted some bad cells and saved the file.  Now when I try to open it, Premiere goes through the motions of loading the project and the following message comes up: "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements."


      I am at a loss how a file I created using a program is incompatible with the program that created it.


      I have tried opening the file using "Open Recent"  and double clicking on the file.  The results were the same.

      I am running version 14.1 on a Mac with OS X 10.11.4 a Mac