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    Lightroom 'not responding'


      Lightroom up until yesterday was running perfect, I changed nothing then all of a sudden it kept going 'not responding'. I did a bit of searching and found that it was recommended to update my graphics drivers (AMD). So I did and that fixed the problem last night, it was working fine again. This morning I tried to use Lightroom again and it went back to 'not responding' within 10 seconds. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall. That didn't help. So I came on here and found how to uncheck "Use graphics processor" manually, I did that also and it has made no difference.

      What else can I do? I am using a compatible graphics card (AMD R5), Windows 10 and Lightroom 6.

      Photoshop is working fine, but I don't like Photoshop to edit photos as much as Lightroom, so I really want Lightroom working again.