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    How to export image sequence with all develop settings applied?

    Till Krueger Level 1

      If this has been covered, please send me the link to the answer, but i have just spent/wasted 3 hrs trying to find the correct steps.
      I want to use Lightroom CC (v.2015.5 on OS X 10.11.4 on iMac5K i7 32GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB) to process my timelapse sequences, some shot as RAW+JPG, some as only JPG.


      Here is what i've done:

      - imported a JPG sequence into Lightroom

      - in Develop i made my adjustments (shadows, exposure, white-balance) and spot healing on first image in sequence
      - right-clicked on first image in sequence, then Develop Settings > Copy Settings... (i selected "Check All"), then selected all the other images of the sequence, right-click and Develop Settings > Paste Settings
        all the images in the sequence now have the same look
      - right-clicked on first image in sequence, then Export > Export..., then selected to Export To: Specific folder (i created a "processed" folder on the same level as the source folder),
        Rename To: Custom Settings (Filename_proc-01.jpg) and clicked on the Export button.


      Lightroom saves the entire sequence to the new folder quite quickly, but the files look exactly like the original files, without any of the Develop settings i made.
      What am i doing wrong?


      hope someone can help me.