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    After effects tells me "ae file does not exist"  (even though it does exist)

    djmattyz Level 1

      i was just trying to open an old ae project which i completed back in november 2015


      i want to get some stills from it for my college 'scrap book'   (to show my tutor an insight into what im doing with after effects)


      however when i try to open this file AE tells me the file does not exist

      but it does exist of course, i can see it right there in my project folder.

      also when i open the premiere project which that ae file is associated with the link media option is greyed out so going that route is no good to me either


      (both programs are up to date as far as i know and i did notice that the premiere project needed to be upgraded to the new version in order to open in my current version of premiere, the ae file didnt give me any such option)


      any ideas ?