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    Strange textbox/area appearing on page

      I am getting the strangest error...it doesn't seem even possible. I created a page in Flex, then took the generated html file and added my navigation around it, not changing any of the generated code. I put it up on the web, view it in Firefox or Opera...perfect. But IE and Chrome?

      In Chrome, a textbox appears at the bottom of the page, OUTSIDE OF THE .SWF! You can even type in it. And, in IE, a textarea appears at the bottom, also outside of the .swf, but you can't type in that one.

      How is this even possible? I've checked and rechecked the html a dozen times. There's no textbox/area coded anywhere in the html OR the .swf for that page. So, why is it appearing? Very strange...

      I searched the forum and didn't find anything. Has anyone else ever seen something like this?