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    I have issue with 3D camera tracking at Solving camera phase


      Dear Community,


      After I'am finishing with the analyze phase of 3D Camera tracking at the solving camera phase jump the following error message up:




      After when I click to OK:




      I have tried create new project, reinstall the application, but the issue still exist. Could you help me please?


      I have Win 10, and the latest update of the application.


      Thank you, regards!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing I would do would be to check your preferences and make sure that you have at least two CPUs assigned to other tasks and at least 2 GB of ram assigned to other apps. 4 GB of ram would be better. Then I would try a different shot. If you still get a crash try transcoding your shot to a production video format or use the AME to render it to an image sequence.


          Some shots will not solve no matter what, some formats eat up system resources like crazy. Sometimes in an effort to make AE more efficient by monkeying with the preferences you actually kill it, especially for things like Camera Tracking. If all that fails let us know, describe the shot in detail including format or show us the project panel of AE with the shot selected so we can see what format it is, and let us know if Camera Tracking has ever worked before.