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    Flex and Zend - Concepts

      Hi guys,
      I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me.

      Basically I have a Flex app which runs in an html wrapper file.

      I want to use Zend AMF to transmit data to and from the server and also use Zend so I can call remote methods etc. I've followed the quick start guide from zends website and got the sample app working.

      My flex app is deployed into the html wrapper file which is named index.html by default, where do the SWF files and index.html wrapper files go in the Zend framework file structure?

      I suppose what I'm asking is this, what pieces of the Zend framework do I need to allow me to have remote function calls and also use ZendAMF to transmit data?

      Also, where in the Zend structure do I put my flex files if I want the flex app to load as soon as the user connects to my server?

      Thanks, Conor.