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    How to Stop the cloud uploads


      HHey, I have just started using Adobe clip but have found the upload to cloud is not workable for me. My projects have a number of sources that would total to about 8GB which will not complete uploading to the Cloud via wifi on my iPad. I am not able to find anyway of stopping the uploading to Adobe cloud, is there a way to Stop it?

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris,

          There is no preference to turn off sync in Clip. I can definitely understand why that would be desired in certain situations. The benefits to syncing to CC is great as it allows you to sync between multiple devices and gives you the ability to send your project to Premiere Pro. I recommend you create a new post as a feature request to add the ability to disable syncing to CC.     

          As a workaround you can disable your WiFi while editing in Premiere Clip. You will only need to have internet access to sign in and to import assets from CC/Lightroom if needed. You lose no editing functions if WiFi is turned off. Just enable WiFi again if/when you want to export you media online somewhere.

          Hope this is helpful! And please file a feature request if you find that would be a useful feature for you!


          Peter Garaway


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            totolelehero Level 1

            Does Adobe play golf with the mobil providers or something? If you are on a mobile device you need the option of syncing or not syncing. ALL apps I use provide this basic lock on the door to your personal data, that you might not want streaming through the stratosphere to cell satellites that can be intercepted...or even that...you just dont have the desire to sync your account and you just want to sit out in the country and clip your video together...while reading email...

            Then you get a message...your data is USED up...   Then you cannot check your email anymore because Premier Clip does not have an option to disable syncing.
            I don't open up my wallet and lay it on the curb for the mobil providers to take from.
            I choose when and how much data I use.

            This app is for mobile devices and it should not have a back door to someone's wallet...
            So can we please thank you provide a nice little wee option for this basic and necessary option?


            Please? Please?



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              ConsumerDV Level 1

              Peter, as you can see, there are users - including myself - who would prefer to pay for the app that DOES NOT sync with a cloud. And I prefer it to be old-fashioned one-time payment instead of monthly subscription. Because, you know, the Clip is not the only app that can edit videos on a mobile device.


              You are supposed to provide service for your users, not stealing their info in return for a "free" app.