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    Layered Indesign CS5.5 file not exporting to correctly layered PDF


      I'm trying to output a PDF where the background layer can be turned off.


      I designed the piece with three layers: Text (top), Graphics (middle), Background (bottom)

      On my first master page, I placed just the background on the Background Layer. On my second master page (based on the first), I placed a border and page number on the Graphics layer.


      In the regular pages, I placed all text on the Text layer and all additional graphics on the Graphics layer.

      Page 1 has the first Master Page applied to it, and I added the border on the page and altered it to accommodate the header.

      Pages 2-7 have the second Master Page applied to them, with all additional graphics placed on the Graphics layer.


      When I Export the PDF with Create Acrobat Layers selected and having any option selected from the dropdown at Export Layers, the following happens:

      When I go to the Layers palate in Acrobat, I see Text, Graphics, and Background as my layer choices.

      If I turn off the Background layer, only page 1 and 2 lose the background. And page 2 loses the border that's on the Graphics layer. And all other pages still display the background.

      If I turn off the Graphics layer, 4-7 lose the background and the border (both of which are based on the same Master Page as page 2) and ALL my graphics I placed on that layer in the regular pages.

      To lose the background on page 3, I also have to turn off the Text layer, which of course removes all the text.


      Why are my layers not the same on every page, even if they're based on the same Master Page?


      How do I fix this?