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    Severe problems to reinstall Lightroom 6 on Windows 10 after previous installation with mistakes


      I installed Lightroom 6 from a recently bought DVD on Windows 10. When I started it, it was not running and crashed. I force-stopped the program and then I tried to update it from Adobe. This update could not be completed for whatever reason. The program was sort of running, but not behaving as it should (e.g. not catalog was opened). Apparently due to this, I now have some stopped lightroom.exe applications in the tasklist, that prevent anything else. So I could not deinstall the program regularly and also no reinstallation is possible after removing the old installation by hand, because the installer always first wants to have these tasks stopped (which are indicated in the detailed tasklist as "angehalten" i.e. stopped). But I cannot get rid of these process corpses, since even as superuser with "taskkill /F /pid <processID>" the access is denied. What can I do, except for reformatting the harddisk and rebuilding the complete system? (which I will not do, by no means!!!)