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    Why does Fury's watch stay on but dinner doesn't?

    gmasterton@mac.com Level 1

      I'm playing with Character Animator for a project at Uni. I've made a character by editing one of the puppets within the Okay Samurai Examples (great resource). My character needs to be able to hold a couple of things in his hands. I understand how I might do this by looking at the Fury puppet. I don't understand however why the keystrokes assigned to Fury's watch and dinner (5 & 7 respectively) act differently. Pressing 5 brings the watch into the scene until you press 5 again. Pressing 7 however only brings the dinner into the scene whilst the button is pressed. Any ideas? Just a glitch? I can see other items keystroke shortcuts are followed by an ! I assume that may have something to do with it but have tried editing the psd original to compare behaviour and nothing changes.


      Also, Am I right that simply inserting a pen tool shape associated within the dinner/ watch group and setting it to 'fixed' is the way to lock the objects to their points on the puppet?