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    Unable to install published ZXP from adobeexchange

    johnw74264726 Level 1

      Hi there


      We are trying to publish our developed extension for premiere cc on adobexchange.com as a zxp package. We successfully created a zxp package using ZXPSignCmd, that we could upload and publish privately. We used tutorial from http://www.davidebarranca.com/2014/05/html-panels-tips-10-packaging-zxp-installers/ “2. Pack and Sign an HTML Extension”. But we now stuck with installation on our test machine. “Creative Cloud” reports successfully installation for our plugin, but it doesn’t appear in premiere window extensions.


      Things we already discovered:

      • With logging turned on, CEP6-PPRO.log doesn’t contain our plugin. It seems that premiere doesn’t find it
      • Another working plugin (not ours), is getting installed to %Appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions. Our plugin is getting copied to %Appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager CC\EM Store\Virtual Product
      • In “Virtual Product” directory, there is just a zxp file of our plugin, without extracted content as for the other plugin in CEP\extensions
      • To upload our ZXP file to adobeexchange.com we choose File Type: ZXP file, Product: "Premiere Pro"; MinVersion: CC; Platform: Mac&Win; Install Location: äuserhomefolder/Documents
      • We install the plugin with "Creative Cloud". This tool reports successfully installation (but it doesnt work afterwards)


      Could someone tell us what we are doing wrong? While uploading the ZXP file to adobeexchange, what “Install Location” do we need to specify (currently $userhomefolder/Documents)? We didnt expected that publishing would become a tricky part


      Thanks a lot for you help.