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    Trying to upgrade CR to 9.5 i PE13.1 don´t work


      I have bought a Sony RX100 IV. According to Adobe´s "Supported Camera Models list", I need at least version 9.1.1 of Camera Raw to be able to open raw files from that camera.


      Present CR version in PE is When trying to install version 9.5, I only get a message saying that it won´t work; "This update is not available to you." (Translated from Swedish.)


      When trying to update via Help/Updates... I get the message that all programs are up-to-date.





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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The message is correct and the situation you’re seeing is expected.


          Once a new version of Elements is close to being released the old one ceases to be updated.  It costs money to maintain parallel older versions and Adobe chooses not to.


          In this case PSE14 came out and is compatible with ACR 9.1 and newer, until PSE15 comes out.


          So to work with your raw photos natively you need to upgrade to PSE14.


          Alternatively,  you can download and use the DNG Converter and use it to create DNGs of your raw photos, then those DNGs, but not the raw photos, will open in the older software.


          The DNG Converter is available, here:  http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/