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    Edge Animate - Animate comparisons


      Hey all,

      I have been working in Edge Animate for about the past year or so. Building many animations/my client's site with Edge Animate, as my client wants all kinds of animation going on with the site, but still have have the website feel. I use OAMs to import my projects into the website, and I know Animate gives me that same opportunity.

      Thinking Animate will probably become the go to for Adobe HTML5 animation solution/be done with Edge Animate all together, so thinking of making the jump. Any tips pointers or ideas, stuff to consider before making the leap. If I understand correctly, Animate is the new Flash. I have never messed a ton with Actionscript and remembering my early days with Flash this is what is used in Flash, Actionscript was supposed to be pretty similar to Javascript?

      Any insights, feedback would be greatly appreciated. maybe a link or something for a good understanding of what Animate can provide as a website building solution, or thinking maybe is mainly used for ads?

      thanks all,