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    Flash button that controls breeze play button

      Is it possible to create a flash button that is scripted to control the play and pause button on the breeze playbar? What I am looking for is a way to have a button that would start a slide again after it has stopped and is waiting for the user to start again.
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          If you want to control the viewer with a Flash button you've embedded in a powerpoint slide (prior to using presenter to convert it) try this:

          (1) Make your button in Flash, and add this Actionscript to the first slide (replace [btnName] with the name of your button instance:

          btnName.onRelease = function () {

          (2) Insert your button's swf in the PPT presentation and compile with Presenter. Now, when the user clicks the button, it will simulate pressing the "next slide" button in the viewer's control bar.

          Here are some of the other button names; to use these instead, just replace "m_slideNextBtn" in the above code:

          Play/pause button "m_playBtn"
          Next slide button "m_slideNextBtn"
          Previous slide button "m_slideBackBtn"
          View changer button "m_viewChangeBtn"
          Attachment Button "m_attachmentsBtn"
          Volume Button "m_volumeBtn"

          Hope that helps!

          ~Marc B