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    Lip Sync Computation stopping at 3 minutes on a 3 1/2 minute audio recording

    gmasterton@mac.com Level 1

      Hello. Due to fan noise on my surface pro 4 when recording face and audio I've installed Audition CC and have recorded the audio then cropped and cleaned it up. It is a 3 1/2 minute long recording. Importing it and then dragging it into the scene I've then tried to compute lip sync. Works a treat but after several attempts it refuses to sync after approximately 3 minutes. The last 30 seconds of the audio therefore has my puppet staring at me blankly... Any ideas? The lip sync audio input bar on the timeline stops short of the audio length. Tried dragging the bar to match audio length but noting changes. Sync not extended or distorted or mismatched with audio. Simply stops at c. 3 minutes.