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    How Export JPEG files compatible with DCF 2.0 EXIF 2.1 from LR v5.7

    Stephen Roach III

      I'm trying to view edited images on my HDTV by using PS3 & PS4 as media players. The most recent edited images (using LR v5.7) Export as JPEG will not display correctly.

      After navigating to the correct folder on my PC, the PS3/4 displays the image thumbnails OK but when I try to display the image full screen. I get an error.

      Play Station (PS) help indicates that JPEG files must conform to DCF 2.0 EXIF 2.1 specs.


      Please note, the same/unedited in LR images (direct from the camera) display ok on the HDTV via my home network & PS3/4. Previous images I edited in older version of LR also display full screen ok.


      How can I Export JPEG images from LR v5.7 and ensure the files are compatible with DCF 2.0 EXIT 2.1?