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      • 1. Re: can somebody help me please, i need to learn how to draw frame by frame like in this music video.
        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        If you mean things like this:
        Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.34.03 PM.png

        and this

        Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.34.42 PM.png

        and this
        Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.35.06 PM.png

        Then let me start at the top. Most of the stuff you see is drawn on a frame at a time using Paint tools. Some like the second shot can be done using a mask (drawn by hand) and then the scribble effect added. The bottom would be an expansion or animation of the mask. There is no automatic way to do this with source footage like the footage in the video.


        To learn how to use the Paint tools in AE type paint in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and check out the community resources.


        One more thing. Each shot with the paint effect should be a separate composition. You'll go nuts trying to put together a two and a half minute video with a hundred or so shots in a single comp. No professional would work that way. If it were my project I would pick just the frames I wanted to paint in a shot and make that the comp. IOW, for the second example, it lasts about 20 frames so that is how long my comp would be, then I would cut it into the rest of the shot. There is no need to roto or paint on any frames you are not going to use.