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    actionscripting bugs?

    Greg_M Level 1
      I am by no means an actionscripting guru - much heavier on the 'eye candy' side of things. I don't ever get much past the basics like "stop" "gotoplay" and "geturl" - which brings me to a question to ask the gurus.

      Have any of you had problems with actionscripting locking up on FLA's - suddenly - when it's never happened before in a particular file or project? I'm using Pro 8 and things have been fine - but just within the last few days - I went to update a website FLA that I update every month and publish and WOW! It drained all my resources - took a long time to 'fire up' and took a long, long time to publish. It was a 4 meg FLA. It does have some "geturl" linking on it as well as quite a few "stops" - "gotoplay" - but nothing like long lengthy scripts.

      I decided to fire up some other FLA from other projects and noticed that the ones that had the least actionscripting - fired right up - even the larger CD project FLA's (75 meg) - but the ones with any url type linking or lots of linking within the FLA seem to be giving me fits - out of the blue! Anyone else experienced this and can it have anything to do with actionscript 1 vs. actionscript 2 deal or using to the new (old) actionscripting "prompt" feature when in Pro 8?
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          shyaway Level 1
          unless it's using multiple .as files and containing a whole lot of scripts, it shouldn't lag at all. Have you tried recompiling the same file again to see if it does that or just one instance where you might have a background program hogging up the memory.
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            Greg_M Level 1
            Shyway - thanks for the reply. Yes, I've tried several things - that being one. Another thing that all the 'affected' files have in common is that they all have scrolling text to some degree. This one in particular has quite a bit. I always embed fonts and use the 'input text' method. I even went back to every scrooling text feature to embed only what I needed (basically the four on the dropdown under 'all'). It's very odd and nerve-wracking as it just suddenly started like I said.
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              shyaway Level 1
              embedding fonts also lag your compiling time.
              Try this.
              create a new flash document, don't do anything else other than embed all fonts.
              see how long it takes you to compile

              as far as i can tell, i hadn't got any issue with compiling and 99% of my stuff are in scripts (yeah, i even script draw my buttons, )

              or you could upload the fla somewhere and let others see if they have any problem with compiling. who knows if something's corrupted.