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    I need help with the transparent background not rendering

    Ario 1

      I recently bought the BlueFx Ultimate Lower Thirds Megabuck along with Adobe Effects 13.7.2. I am currently editing my current project on Camtasia Version 2 Mac. I also purchased the News Open 2 with BlueFX and had no issues adding text, changing colors and rendering the file for my new open. Everything was good until I started working on the lower third. Changing the colors and adding text was no problem but when I went to render it the black background was still showing and there was no transparency. After googling it and reading some of the threads in this forums, I went back and clicked on the checkered background bc they said this was for transparency but it still hasn't worked.


      From what I have read you are supposed to have the format set to Quicktime, Channel: RGB+Alpha, Depth: MultiColors+, Color: Matted. Also, Format Options: PNG. It was on "Animation" but that didn't work. So far ALL I get after NUMEROUS renderings is my animated lower third with a black background.


      I could REALLY use some help here because I am stumped.




      Adobe Front Screen.png


      Adobe Front Screen 2.png