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    Chinese punctuation toolbar not available.

    chris gerke

      I don't speak or read Chinese and need some help with this one, (also not an Indesign user). I support 3 users in our Taiwan office. They are saying the punctuation toolbar is available in Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop but no Indesign. Can someone point me in the correct direction here to resolve this?



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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Since it's a toolbar that is available in MS Word, we can safely assume that it's part of the input method that they're using in Taiwan, not part of InDesign. I would suspect that it is an operating system issue, but I'm not sure. (Parenthood seems to have degraded the part of my brain that recognizes Chinese glyphs; I can see that it's part of a Trad input method on a Mac, but that's all I can get.) Can you tell us all what OS is being used at the Taiwan office?