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    Overprint Script


      Hey guys,


      I’m new to InDesign scripting and i’m trying to create an overprint script.


      I want the script to change all the small text (below 8pt) on a document to overprint.


      I’ve searched the net for overprint scripts but cannot seem to find much on it. Any tips to achieve this?


      Many Thanks

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          b91823603 Level 3

          Hi gp63139540,


          You can set overprint for text by setting in Paragraph styles and character styles. Use the below code to set in all paragraph Styles and if you want to set for all character styles same way you can modify the code.


          var pStyles = app.activeDocument.allParagraphStyles, myStyle;


            while (myStyle = pStyles.shift()) { 


                     myStyle.overprintFill = true;



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            gp63139540 Level 1

            Thanks mate. Appreciate the help.