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    Photoshop/Lightroom Cannot open Nikon NEF files


      So I have Creative Cloud with Photoshop and Lightroom both updated to the latest version, I've downloaded and installed Camera Raw. I have a Nikon D7100 which I have just started on my last 2 month trip started shooting in RAW format which comes out as NEF files. However, neither Photoshop, or Lightroom or Bridge or even Camera Raw can open the files. I get the message " cannot open a raw file from a digital camera. Make sure you have the latest Raw update" I currently have 9.1 but I also tried 9.5. Neither recognizes it.In LR I get the message " the files can not be opened by LR".  I'm currently redownloading and trying version 9.5 again now that I have windows 10. I did try another program to change my NEF to TIFF and then upload them into Lightroom, but the quality was so terrible, I couldn't even bear to look at it.


      I should mention, on lightroom, when I go to the Help> Plug In Extras- "none Defined" is what shows up. Whereas when I do the same on Photoshop, Help> About Plug in> Camera Raw does show up.


      I'm not sure what else to do or try. I have 6000 trip photos that are currently useless. Any help and suggestions welcome!


      Thank you!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Cameras supported by Adobe Camera Raw


          The D7100 was first supported in Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 so there's no reason for them not to open in Cloud versions of Photoshop or Lightroom.


          How are you getting the NEF files from camera to computer? Some Nikon software is known to alter NEFs enough so that Adobe software cannot read them.


          If you're using Nikon software, try eliminating it from your workflow. Use a card reader instead.


          You can also try this utility to recover the NEFs Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images

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            Halilee Level 1

            I uploaded them from my camera via View NX 2 onto my Hard drive and from there I was trying to upload them into Lightroom. That didn't work so I've used another program, Adobe DNG converter 9.5 to convert the NEF into DNG and then upload them to Lightroom which seems to have worked, however, the quality of the photos seems really poor. Very grainy. When I shot in JPEG the quality I think was several times better so I'm super disappointed atm. I'm hoping that it is a matter of the software corrupting them?


            Then again, I also think this camera isn't right.. I got it relatively recently after my D5100 was stolen while travelling, and it seems the white balance on it is way off unless outside in the sun, some of the functions don't like to work. Think I need to have it looked at as well.


            I'll try uploading pics via a card reader and see if that makes a difference. I had uploaded them onto " My Passport" Harddrive as well as a backup while travelling.. would uploading from there prevent the corruption do you think?


            Sorry, I'm really quite new to RAW and NEF.