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    A problem with a recurring, unwanted subfolder when importing


      In setting up my folders and subfolders in Lightroom 6, whenever I import to a given folder, a subfolder magically appears, always with the same name.  I have a lot of "Bird" folders, with subfolders like "Raptors," and subfolders within that such as "Owls," "Hawks," etc.  One subfolder under "Birds" is "Shorebirds."  Somehow, whenever I import into any folder or subfolder, and new subfolder titled "Shorebirds" appears, and the photos import into that as well as the folder above it.  I can move the photos from "Shorebirds" and then delete the "Shorebirds" folder, but whenever I import to any folder, it will reappear.  Somehow along the line I must have set a default to create this recurring subfolder, but I don't know how or why, or how to stop this from happening.  Any ideas?