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    interface / not nice


      I just got the new indesign and photoshop.


      love photoshop, but indesign feels ancient.


      all the square boxes are annoying.


      and the text is not even centered in the box.


      so odd that they are both Adobe products,

      and photoshop feels so much better.

      and advanced. cleaner.


      I was on Quark before I went over to indesign 11 years ago.


      this feels like Quark.





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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. OS?
          2. Version?
          3. Give screen shots what annoys you.
          4. Did you get a basic training and are you aware that InDesign is very different to Xpress and in my opinion much superior?
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            Hugo72 Level 1



            as said, it's the interface NOT the program. Indesign is superior to Quark.

            I have been on indesign for 11 years and throughly like it and enjoy it.

            It works very well for my work.


            But in terms of the way it looks, Photoshop much better / smooth

            Here's the two PRINT windows side by side.

            Photoshop is cleaner, I like the light/white option. indesign does not go lighter, i dont like the light grey.

            It's not that light in my mind. There is a preferance slider bar, but why not go from black to white, not grey.

            the boxes and information much cleaner in PS.

            Photoshop seems to utilize El Capitan better.
            And the buttons are softer and bigger in PS.

            PS feels much more modern than indesign.
            More minimal which i personally like.


            I much prefer the light tool bar in PS than ID. Even though the design is similar.

            Maybe the tools should be universal in their design?

            Even the design of the 'ruler' is cleaner in PS.

            Indesign feels more bulky. Granted I am not talking about it's function. I like it's function a lot !

            But as a graphic designer I notice these things since i'm Adobe 8 hours a day.


            I also attach the preferences boxes, you can see the noticable difference here in the feel.


            I don't know about other Adobe products.






            Screen Shot 4.jpgScreen Shot 3.jpg

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              Hugo72 Level 1

              I am on a Mac, El Capitan, 10.11.4

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Is there something you're asking for help about?


                We're only users like you, trying to help others.


                If you have suggestions for how you'd like things in InDesign to be changed, I'd suggest you send a feature request to the product managers since we have no control over that. The product managers will not see your postings here.


                Feature Requests/Bug Reports

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                  Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                  Photoshop is the only Adobe app to receive the interface overhaul so far. I presume they intend to apply it to whole suite eventually.

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                    Hugo72 Level 1

                    I know it backwards dont need help just commenting on the design.


                    i was asked to.



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                      Hugo72 Level 1

                      I hope so !!

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                        Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                        Apple's 'San Francisco' font, which seems to be used in Photoshop, was only released in the last year or so, so I'd forgive Adobe for not making a UI overhaul incorporating it their top priority.

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                          Hugo72 Level 1

                          I agree Danny.


                          although it's not the font to me.


                          it'sthe feel.


                          more white, more space, more minimalism


                          im sure they will update

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                            Brian Pylant Level 1

                            Different strokes for different folks, I guess... one of the reasons I stick to Photoshop CS5 is because I really don't like the UI on newer versions. (I don't need any of the new features; in fact, I could probably do my job just fine with Photoshop 5 -- not CS5, but version 5 from the mid-90s).


                            I suspect eventually the UI for InDesign and Illustrator will move in that direction... and I'm not going to like it.