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    Subscription expired even though I renewed


      For the record, I contacted Adobe Customer Support 4 times for the same issue over the period of 1 week. Each of them promised updates by their higher level support team within 24 hours which never happened. My woes started last week when Photoshop suddenly popped up an error saying their was no subscription info associated with my account. Logged into my account and my payment info was there intact in their system. Then a few days later, the message changed to a count down of 5 days, saying my subscription was going to expire. Again for the record, my subscription was successfully renewed on the 26 March 2016. Double checked my bank statement and the transaction was reflected as well. Contacted customer service again. Was told there was an internal system issue. Again they said the higher support will look into it and update me within 24 hours. Next day came, my subscription expired and I can no longer launch the software. Contacted support again and the same empty promise again. Yesterday contacted them one more time, same reply and the customer service actually told me to use the trial version first. Now, I run a photography studio and to my understanding Adobe End User Agreement forbid commercial usage of trial version. I paid and I end up with a trial software. What kind of nonsense is this? Can someone help me out here? I am sick of speaking to the same customer service over and over again and always the same template answer.