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    Can't view all folders in Navigator or Import


      I have just switched from Mac to PC and moved my photo collection from LR on Mac to LR on PC and come across this problem

      After making a new catalogue and importing all the pictures, I have found that I can't scroll and see all the folders in the Navigator pane of the Library module. The folders are alphabetical and I can scroll through A-P but not the rest. The same thing happens when I use the import function. I can see A - M but not N - Z.

      When I search for photos in those "unreachable" folders using the find function they are certainly there as I can find them and even use to go to function BUT I cannot see the folder in the Navigation pane.

      I don't think it is a screen resolution issue as I can see the bottom of the normal LR window and no pictures look cut off.

      Does anyone have any ideas as to an explanation and a solution?

      Thank you in advance