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    Dollarphoto Club Members Beware!


      It has been nearly 10 days now and Adobe is still giving me the run around about transferring my image credits and the $9.99 per month offer.


      It is written on the DPC faq page that we would get and opportunity to keep our $9.99 per month for 10 images for 1 year if we transfer over to Adobe Stock. I followed the instructions exactly and clicked on the link we were sent to start the transfer then Adobe wanted me to login if I was a Creative Cloud member. I was, so I logged in and seen the link for the offer above but when I clicked on it I was taken to another more expensive offer and never seen the $9.99 one again.

      My DPC account was deleted automatically and now Adobe is telling me that they cannot help me with this and that I had to signup for the offer before I transferred my credits.

      The offer was not visible on their website until I clicked the transfer button we received from DPC. If you don't want to give me the monthly plan then charge me credit card for for the annual balance and give me the image credits.


      This is VERY unprofessional Adobe! Your professional users expect more from you and you now have a very unhappy customer.