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    My Edge Animate composition is heavy and take time to load ?


      Hi, I live in a region in which the connection is slow, and I did a portfolio slideshow using Edge Animate CC 2015 to show off my work as a graphic and web designer; and I added this composition to my portfolio website. The problem is that it is taking time to load. What can I do to reduce the download time and make my Edge Composition easier and faster to see ?


      Another related question : supposing that I wasn't able to resolve the download time issue to the extent that I want, how can I put a load bar (Preloader) on my edge composition when my web page loads so that people knows that there is something coming soon here instead of seeing nothing in my portfolio region ? I know it could be done using jQuery plugins but is there any feature in Edge Animate that could do it ?


      Thank you very much in advance and hope that I could get answers ASAP!


      PS: I am building my website using Dreamweaver CC 2015.