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    After Effects CC freezes during initiating mediacore and doesn't recognize Quicktime.


      Hi everybody,
      I've been  struggeling with this issue for about two days now, and I'm not sure what to do.
      Whenever I open after Effects, the screen will freeze during 'Initiating mediacore'. This usually takes about 4/5 minutes and afterwards, if I leave the frozen screen alone, the program wil start up normally again.
      The next issue however is that, once after effects has started, I get an error message saying that quiktime isn't installed and that .mov aren't supported. This is strange because I do have quicktime installed and I never had a problem with using .mov's before. I am now unable to import and export .mov files.


      I've tried every possible thing I could find online not nothing had worked yet.


      I have:
      -restarted after effects
      -restarted the computer
      -reinstalled after effects
      -reinstalled after effects without the upgrades
      -reinstalled everything adobe realated (and used the CC cleaner as well)
      - deleted quicktime
      - tried out older versions of quicktime
      - tried out a replacement for quicktime
      - made a different user account on my pc and tried after effects there
      - disabled the firewall
      - deleted the preferences (<drive>/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/)
      - deleted the entire adobe folder (<drive>/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/)
      - Changed the adobe folder from read-only to read and write


      I am currently upgrading to windows 10 with the hope that this will eventually work.


      I'm using:

      After Effects CC 2015 13.7.1
      Windows 7
      Creative cloud

      I really hope somebody knows what to do