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    Watermark question


      I am adding several watermarks to a 42 page PDF document in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. There is a single watermark on the first page, another watermark in the upper right hand corner of pages 2-42, and a third watermark that appears near the top center portion of certain pages. I used several different page ranges to get that third watermark in, so it really was done as eight separate watermarks, each with its own page range (front page, right side, then six ranges for the top center watermarks).


      The problem is that when I look in print preview (and when I actually print), some of the watermarks don't show up, even though they are visible on every single page in the digital version of the document. The missing watermarks don't seem to follow any pattern - some of the upper right corner ones are missing, and some of the top center ones are missing. I've made sure that all of them have both "Show when printing" and "Show when displaying on screen" are selected. Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong and how I can fix it?