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    How can an Actionscript3 script be applied to multiple frames?

    Steven Reilly

      I am programming a gate weave script, because I like my animations to have a cinematic feels and it's too much of a hassle to export the animation to some raster format and apply gate weave in After Effects, not to mention it risks generation loss.


      This is with Flash CS6, because the whole "buy Animate CC every month" sounds expensive.


      This is the code written so far.


      wamount = ((Math.sin(this.currentFrame))*5);

      wfrequency = ((Math.cos(this.currentFrame/24))*5);


      movieClip_1.x = ((wamount*wfrequency)+470);


      I am wondering how such code could be applied to multiple frames. Copying the frame with code to every frame every time there is a significant change to the code is getting very tedious.