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    Photos not seen by LR import

    GeoffVane Level 1

      I found out by browsing manually that LR has not read in many photos that actually are on the drive.

      I tried to make LR see them but it just doesn't happen. I got two licences of LR on two different machines and they both can't detect the images.

      Since I have years of work and over 150.000 photos, I fear many remain unseen.

      How can I force LR to see these images?

      They are TGA and I think that shouldn't be a problem.

      I tried to uncheck "suspected duplicates" but that doesn't do a thing.

      Nor does "synchronize folder".

      Nothing I try will make LR see these images.

      They are on a Unix server that does dedupe. Could that lead to problems?

      This problem is driving me mad.

      People at work are accusing me of losing images but now I finally found out it isn't just me.