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    Why Is OAM File Not Displaying Properly in Dreamweaver?

    stephaniek64991887 Level 1

      I've created a simple Canvas slide show in Animate CC 2015.  All of the images are 700 x 465.  I test the slide show in Animate and through the browser in Animate and all appears as it should.


      Then, I publish the project as an OAM file and insert it into Dreamweaver.  The file opens up in Dreamweaver as 720 x 485.  The extra pixels create a light grey border on the right and bottom.


      I go into Dreamweaver and change the width from 720 to 700.  This eliminates the right light grey border.


      However, when I attempt to change the height from 485 to 465, instead of eliminating the bottom border, the file image turns into scroll bars on the right and at the bottom.  No matter how I attempt to reduce the height, the file image either shows a light grey border on the bottom or scroll bars.


      Any ideas what could be causing this?


      Please advise.