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    Portrait orientation export for digital frame

    BJBBJB1 Level 1

      Greetings.  I am very familiar with Lightroom and EXIF data but trying to translate my knowledge in those areas into how a digital frame is displaying portrait-oriented images.

      It is a great frame, great image and we enjoy it.  They also have very good support and they tell me that it does not read the EXIF data in deciding how to display images.  It just "looks at the resolution".


      Now I exported these images with "long edge" set to 2,000 or so.  What I cannot figure out is if it is not reading EXIF data, how is it determining how to display some portrait images correctly and others it shows sideways?


      Is there something about how it "sees" the resolution order or something (that is what I am being told but not translating that into Lightroom-speak)?   Have never run into this one before. Have always run into the EXIF data, what program writes it, what programs reads it, what windows viewers read it, etc. etc....


      Anyway, I know I am not providing a lot of details but that is what I have.  Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction or perhaps a more specific question to ask the manufacturer.