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    Editing a long text document and in some places it won't let me edit, just shuts down. Whyyy?


      I have InDesign CS6. I paid a pro at a computer training school about a year ago, to walk me through every step of setting up this master template for all my novels (a series). I've used it 3 times (3 different novels, all long) with never a problem. A few days ago imported all the chapters of the new novel into the existing doc, went back to start editing & tightening format (losing a few words to eliminate almost-blank pages), and suddenly in Ch. 8, it goes "plink" and closes itself. I re-open. It asks me about "starting recovery. I say "yes". Still won't let me edit in that chapter, and every time I try, "PLINK" and CLOSE. Not sure what to do, I leave it, move on. Same thing happens in Ch. 15. Today, trying to tighten up Ch. 1, it let me make some changes, then another PLINK. Now I have 3 Ch's that I can't edit in. Ready to tear out my hair. Tried contacting Adobe support; online chat person redirected me HERE since I am not using CC. Can someone help me?