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    Populate multiple rows with same variable data using 4 drop-down lists

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      I am creating a fill-in invoice to bill students for classes they took.  The invoice has four rows available to bill student for multiple classes if they took more than one class.  Each class has a specified cost associated with it (for discussion purposes: Title1, cost $75.00; Title2, cost $100.00; Title3, cost $125.00; Title4, cost $150.00; Title5, cost $175.00; Title6, cost $200.00).  I am able to get one drop-down (one row) to populate the cost correctly using instructions at https://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/change_another_field, but I don't know how to add more rows with the same title/cost variables.


      Example of what I'm trying to accomplish:  Student took 4 of the 6 classes, Title1, Title2, Title5, and Title6.  The invoice should look something like this:

      Row(ColA)       Course Title(ColB)     Cost(ColC)

      1                       Title1                           $75.00

      2                       Title2                         $100.00

      3                       Title5                         $175.00

      4                       Title6                         $200.00


      The four drop-down lists (ColB) for the four rows will have the same variable data (course title & cost noted above).  For discussion purposes, the fields would be named "1B-Title", "2B-Title", "3B-Title", 4B-Title", "1C-Cost", "2C-Cost", "3C-Cost", and "4C-Cost".  I have been learning JavaScript on my own with help from the internet, but I didn't find a similar question.


      I am using Acrobat XI Pro on Windows.


      Thanks for your assistance.