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    "Auto white balance" script?

    cutch2222 Level 1

      I"m a real esate photographer. I have a photoshop script that combines an ambient image and a flash image, however given the different colors of walls, I have to white balance by hand in lightroom after the fact.


      I typically eyedrop the off white ceiling and warm it up a few clicks. I do this hundreds of times a night.


      I dream of an ability to select the off white ceiling in my photoshop action and white balance it and it alone (thus avoiding the colored walls that trick the automation)


      Then I'd like to paste that white balance adjustment on to the entire image in photoshop... basically it's the automated version of clicking the ceiling 100s of times a night.


      I have no problem selecting the ceilings, I just don't know how to auto white balance that selection in photoshop (and then paste those adjustments on to the entire image) is this possible?

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might want to rethink your workflow. I don't think you can actually script what you want to do. What I think would be best it so select all the similar images in LR or in ACR and sync the color temp settings. Do this before combining the photos, then you can blend the photos in PS. I do this often with parts I shoot: take an ambient shot, then several shots with a flash. I color correct them all in ACR then open them in PS. I then wrote a script that takes all the open files and puts them in one file, changing the layer blend modes to lighten, which works well with what I do.