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    Sprite sheet not showing all of animation when generated.

    El Deiablo

      I have a lot of animations (Adobe Flash CS6) I have done for a game I am working on.  Some of the animations use other flash animations (that I have put into movie clips or symbols).  These animations have not come out right when converting the animation to a sprite sheet.  I have done extensive research online and this is driving me crazy because I put a lot of time into the animations and now I can't figure out how to get it to work.  The head's squinting animation doesn't show and the tears are nowhere to be seen.  I have separate fla files for the tears and original head.  I can send a copy of the fla and swf file so you may see the issue in action.  If someone could help me out with this issue I'd really appreciate it!  Finally started to learn c# and unity and just need to put all my pieces together.Crying Maidana Head.png