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    Video editing antivirus


      A few weeks ago I was asking about source video harddrives. I ended up going with 4 512 gb 850 pro ssd's on this forums recommendation. So far they are working out great so thanks a bunch! Another quick question I had is what to use for an antivirus software? I know some can slow down operations and I dont want that to happen. What (if any) are you guys on here using?

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          chrisw44157881 Level 4

          AVG is very fast/accurate as long as you don't enable the separate linkscanner or shield which block rendering, but a good NLE shouldn't be the web surfing, virus installing, adware testing, trial indusing, registry crashing system. It should be never changing except for driver updates and backups, so you can undo any damages by rolling back one thing at a time for simple troubleshooting.


          you can also add exceptions to any AV for watch folders so it doesn't go after media folders etc.