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    How to get the generated web gallery on CC?


      Hello, I'm pretty new to Lightroom and currently experimenting with it in a trial version to see if it fits my needs.

      So I generated a web gallery using the "web" tab following guidelines from e.g. link: Creating web galleries in Lightroom.

      Now, how do I put this on the Creative Cloud so I can share it with people?
      I tried using the Share option, but the link that is generated leads to a page that does not look similar to the page that I generated. As a matter of fact all kinds of stuff is there that I don't even want such as a like button and the 'next' and 'previous' photo links are missing... I know there is also the possibility to start using Adobe Portfolio, but this is way to advanced for what I need, plus on top of that I don't like how it is (not) integrated with Lightroom. I just really want that simple web gallery on the web that is generated with Lightroom and preferably accessible through a 'friendly' link (a link that does not contain all kinds of weird random characters). Anyone has ideas on this, because otherwise it is really pointless for me to start using Lightroom CC...

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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          The created web gallery is designed to be uploaded to a working website, this can be done from within the web module and not just shared. If you just wish to share photos etc. this can be done via CC sharing with a link.

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            Jasper02 Level 1

            Ouch, that is not the answer I was hoping for. Are you basically saying that I cannot showcase 'Lightroom CC' web album creations from the 'Creative Cloud'? Maybe I have a misconception of what "CC" stands for then...

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're using Lightroom CC and simply want to share your images with others, there is no need to create web galleries. In Lightroom on your desktop, create a collection of images that you want to share. Then share that collection. Next, go to lightroom.adobe.com and sign in with your Adobe ID and password. You can view your collections on your computer from that website, and you can generate a link that you can send to others so that they can go to that website and look at the collection that you have chosen to share with them.

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                Jasper02 Level 1

                Hi Jim, thanks, but the method you are proposing is really not suitable for me. The Lightroom generated web pages contain specific elements that are crucial for me in the way how I want to share my images. I find it really too bad that there is no possibility to automatically share the generated web pages somehow through CC. As I said in my original question, I feel that the page you mention contains some elements that I actually don't want to appear on my photo sharing page (the slideshow is pretty neat though :). I'll see if I still can work something out with Portfolio (maybe make use of embed option or something like that), but if that does not work out I'll probably not start using CC. It is remarkable though how a 'top of the line' product renders unusable for someone, just because of things like the title and caption elements not being placed at the right spot. Or maybe it is just a strange combination to want much less and much more at the same time. But someone told me less is more...hm, now I am confused myself  ; )