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    Changed lable names in Animate CC


      Hi all,


      In our studio we created Flash HTML Canvas files which utilizes a gallery with label names in each keyframe for one of our clients, and when we opened them in the new Animate some of the label names have reverted back to previous names that they had (previous version of the file, that we have since changed).

      These changes also caused the file to not work properly - some code didn't work at all and some did odd things, such as call other symbols (e.g. I have a code calling a symbol with the instance name "team_a", but when we published it, it actually called a symbol called "team_b").

      Out current best guess is that Animate somehow uses an older version of the file (I must stress, this version doesn't exist physically anymore, this is just a file that we have made changes to and saved them. No other version exists.)

      This has repeated itself in over 15 files that we created in Flash and previously had no such issues with.

      We have tried rewriting the code to match the "new" labels the Animated has generated, but it didn't work. We tried changing the label names to match, didn't work either.

      For now we have reverted back to Flash CC, but we would appreciate any help regarding this matter since we'll eventually have to switch to Animate.


      Thanks is advance.