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    Flash, Javascript and Internet Explorer

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      This is driving me nuts...!!!!!! It works in Firefox but not Internet

      I've got a load of gifs on a page that I want to swap from a Flash movie
      using a loop.

      This is the Javascript I'm using:

      function blankAll(x){

      And I'm calling it in Flash using the following action script:

      function blankOut(){
      for(x = 1; x <= _root.allBranches.length; x++){
      getURL("javascript:blankAll('"+ _root.allBranches[x-1] +"')");

      allBranches being an array containing a list of the gif names to swap.

      Like I say, in Firefox this works like a dream, but in Internet Explorer it
      only swaps the very last gif on the list........ WHY?

      Can anybody help please?

      Big thanks in advance,