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    Issue when opening documents.

    Ch. Efstathios Level 1

      I am opening a document by using:


      F_ObjHandleT docId = F_ApiOpen(componentName, &script, &returnp);


      I also have set the following property to the script:


      IntT i = F_ApiGetPropIndex(&script, FS_MakeVisible);

      script.val[i].propVal.u.ival = False;


      I have an FDK client which scans all opened books and for each one I get all components.


      I open all documents from each book (and later on flows, etc) in order to extract all text items from the documents.


      Since I have FS_MakeVisible to False the FDK client does it transparently and the user is not aware of it.


      However, when some documents are already open then whenever I try to open these the program switches to these (however do not open it again) and the user looses his focus on the active document.


      Is there any way to check if a document by its name is already open or set some setting to not switch to it after is opened?