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    How do I stop a movie clip from looping at end of my main timeline?

    pixel peasant Level 1

      I have searched and tried a lot of suggestions and couldn't quite find a solution to my specific challenge.


      I am using Adobe Animate CC to produce HTML5 banner ads, so it is set-up as a HTML5 Canvas document.

      My main timeline is 15 seconds long and all animation has to stop at 15 seconds. While I have been using Flash for years I never considered myself any good at Actionscript.


      On one of the layers of my Main Timeline, I have placed a short Movie Clip (85 frames) which I would like to loop until the end of the Main Timeline (356 frames).


      How do I stop the Movie Clip or multiple instances of the MC at the end of the main timeline?

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks