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    GoToAndPlay/Stop gets stuck

      Hi all --

      I'm not sure if this is an actual performance issue that I can fix, or just a necessary evil of Flash, so please bear with me and offer any advice or comments.

      I have set up a small Flash-based site with about 5 buttons that contain gotoandPlay commands, which changes the state of another graphic on the page. In beta testing, I have noticed that if you scroll the mouse very quickly up and down through my group of buttons, the graphic that I want to change eventually gets stuck and will not move. I've tried changing this command to gotoandStop just to see if it'd make a difference, but it didn't.

      Currently, the movie is only two keyframes long. The first frame has gotoandplay(2) commands, while the second frame contains gotoandplay(1) commands for each button.

      Any advice on this?

      Thanks in advance!