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    background coming up as white when exporting/printing to PDF

    eg0202 Level 1

      i am creating a poster in indesign CS5.5. 

      Im a basic user of Indesign, an have used it for simple poster and publication projects, but this has never happened when using coloured backgrounds before.


      i have created a box using the rectangle tool, and filled with a swatch colour.  Then added images ontop of this rectangle and when finished i proceeded to export to PDF and the background colour was replaced with white on the PDF.


      I went back through the images, and created layers for each of them. 

      i recreated the rectangle and base colour in master pages

      i checked that i havnt altered the paper colour

      none of the above worked. 

      strangely though i had a png image on the poster - when i printed to pdf (not exported to pdf) the coloured background showed up within where the objects bounding box would be, but was white outside this line.


      i opened a new document and created a coloured rectangular box in the middle of the page - it exported and printed fine. i extended the edges of the filled in rectangular box right to the edges of the page, and when exported and printed as PDF it came up white again.


      Any advice would be super helpful as to what im doing wrong.


      Thank you!