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    PDF Link Not Working - Can't Isolate the Issue

      I have a unique issue I can't figure out. The trouble shooting I have done so far is this: (1) I've recreated my Topic several times using old topics that work, ones in version control, ones not in version control, blank ones, and even from scratch as a New Project. (2) I've recreated my Word Doc and PDF. (3) I've uninstalled Robo Help 5 and reinstalled it. (4) I've uninstalled then reinstalled Adobe. (5) I've uninstalled then reinstalled MS Office. After reinstalling all of the above, I created the Topic yet another time.

      I took an existing Project which was initially created in v4 with a PDF Link created in Word then converted to a PDF in Word. This topic was not in version control and I copied it onto my Local Drive. From my Local Drive, I modified the Topic to include all of my new information. I left the original PDF Link, however, to test it. Here are the results:

      A) The original PDF Link still operates just fine. It launches the PDF with no problem.
      B) The new PDF Links I am trying to create refuse to work no matter what I do. WHY? When I click on the PDF Link in my compiled CHM, I get an Internet Explorer Window with an error that the "Page cannot be displayed". I have tried this on a network drive and on a local drive.

      Are there any ideas or suggestions? Linking a PDF does not require rocket science. I have done dozens of them over the past couple years and never had this issue. All of my other hyperlinks are working just fine (ie to external CHMs) - just not to PDF or DOC files.

      1 thing I did notice which is why I uninstalled then reinstalled everything: I found the new option inside Word of ROBOPDF, and that is what I initially used. When I noticed a coworker did things differently, I decided to delete that, reinstall it all, then created the PDF the old way through the PDF Maker toolbar in Word. I got the same results.

      Please, please email me if possible: jshanabarger@sncoast.com.